Design a series of drawings using PROFILES OF PEOPLE in the space. Consider the differences between group dynamics and individual motion. Starting with a quick Leading Lines assignment, select a person or group of people to observe and track. How does a space change when people become involved?

OPTION ONE: Sketch (in no more than five minutes per drawing) how a single person moves through the space, capturing keyframes of their interactions.

OPTION TWO: Sketch how a group of people interact within a space, capturing a single instant—how does the group fill the volume?

INCLUDE:    figure

  • foreground (dark line weight)
  • middle ground (medium line weight)
  • background (light line weight)


  • spliced photographs


  • movement (and notation for this movement)
  • shape
  • sequence


  • gradient
  • detail

This series should explore how the dynamic nature of human interaction alters a space, and analyze how people move through the area—is it quickly, slowly, direct, meandering, etc.?

Complete no less than five drawings per location, capturing the motion in each—fast sketching is key.