take a look around…

Everywhere around you are various clues to how you should navigate your life. Some of these clues are larger than life, while others are so small you might miss them. A few are visible. Many are just intuitive. But all deserve time for investigation. 

In this area of Knowhere, we offer you some prompts to help you look around. Each prompt is organized based on what you should focus on—architectural spaces, graphic design solutions, or plain old human behavior. Check them out. See where they take you. Find out what you can learn.


built spaces

Spaces are designed to influence how people move, interact, and live within them. The prompts found in this section will help you get your head around how. Find out how.



Graphic design works by playing off of expectation and design principles to influence how we perceive information. These prompts will help you explore how design directly impacts your environment and how people are encouraged by design to move around within it. Check it out.


people watching

People are weird. They'll go out of their way for shade, avoid cool but dark passageways, and always move toward the right when entering a retail environment (seriously—watch them!). Try out some of these drawing prompts to see if they can give you better insight into the quirky behaviors of people as they navigate locations around you. Here's what you should watch for.