Compose a series of drawings that explore a connectedSERIES OF SPACES using transparent solids and/or planes. In each drawing, illustrate the scale, opacity and proportion of each space within the sequence. How does one space flow into another, and what are the changesin proportion between each?

Take care to very carefully construct proper proportions and all connections. Each drawing should explore and convey a sense of direction and motion travelled by people within the space, which can be illustrated by how the view is constructed or by the use of human profile interaction. How does interpretation of the space change when direction is altered? 


  • figure    
  • void


  • flattened or gradient tonal color    
  • human profile    
  • simple symbols indicating motion


  • proportion    
  • alignment    
  • movement    
  • overlapping volumes at thresholds


  • arrows

This series is intended to provide insight into how proportional relationships of volumes can change direction, movement or behavior of people within each space.

Complete no less than two drawings per location, taking at least fifteen minutes per drawing before moving to a new space.