finding ways to wayfind across the country & around the globe

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Not that Knowhere.
Well, not exactly.

No, we're not a marketplace located inside the decomposing head of a Marvel Celestial character, drifting ever closer to the edge of the universe while starlords and anthropomorphic raccoons race around in search of Infinity Stones, as cool as that might be. But we are a way-station of sorts. So there's that.

This Knowhere—the one you've found yourself in today—is an hub for those interested in learning how design and wayfinding can impact and improve human interactions and experiences. Here, we talk about how orientation, human behavior (more or less), and architectural spaces influence our perception of environments, ultimately helping us make the daily decisions we make as we navigate our lives.

Look around. Check out the travel blog (coming soon), where we talk about fantastic design projects out there in the real world and where we meet amazing designers producing work worth talking about.

Head over to the edu-hub where you can find different posts about what design is and can do to help audiences of all kinds navigate their way through complex information and environments in ways that avoid confusion and frustration.

Go to the look-out points (working on that too), where you can find drawing prompts that get you out of your head and in real spaces where you can witness and document how people react to those places.

Scroll our Instafeed (well, once we get some actual content in it) to see those ah-ha moments of great design in action.

And anytime, feel free to contact us to find out how you can explore Knowhere on your own or with others.


maybe you wonder where you are…

Clues to design's impact exist all around you. On the screen. On the page. And in the environment. Using our prompts, you can investigate how design influences decisions all on your own. Plus, we have some examples of diagrams completed by others who have followed our prompts in the past. Take a look. Then, take a look.

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At Knowhere, we want to help people learn how to educate an audience—students or customers—through the aid of human behavior and design principles. We talk about these ideas through the lens of wayfinding, but really, the ideas behind Knowhere can work across different types of projects, big and small, digital and physical.

And while the best way to learn is through doing, sometimes it helps to read a bit about your subjects first. 

We've gathered a few things that might interest you—articles, book reviews, and even a few personal observations about how things seem to work in the world of wayfinding. Take a look. Share if you'd like. Just make sure you tell people where you found us.